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I've Got A Plan To Rob Tommy Fang

Is a short about a small time thief and his best friend, orchestrating a menial heist on a small time local gangster bar.  Before their plan can be executed, they first have to make a plan.  
This short was done as part of the 48HFP.  

No production goes exactly as planned.  Atleast none of mine do.  And this was no exception, but the fun we had on this project outweighs the crazy adjustments we had to make surrounding last minute cancellations and no shows.  We literally lost a building (we lost access to the building. I'm exaggerating).  We had a few people call out at the last minute, then three more who showed up after a few phone calls that were friends of a friend.  The headache, the malfunctioning camera, the road side voice over and complete arc shift from the original story ended with this wonderful creation.  Hope you enjoy.


I was hanging out with a friend at a University in Long Island when I first heard the words Reggae and Japan together in a sentence.  I heard Reggae was huge in Japan.  So I went to see for myself.

Blue Duck Tavern

Hanging out with comedian Greg Brown at the Blue Duck Tavern for some comfort food at a high end restaurant.

I met Greg Brown in the green room at the DC Improv.  We struck up a conversation about food.  He happens to be a chef and a NY Times best selling author.  He mentioned he wanted to do a cooking show and I said "me too".  So we did.  This is the result of that conversation, however, we did a show at a pub before we went all high end on the plate.

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