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Roan Film

Everything began and ended with a Kung Fu fight.  Growing up in the pre-cable era, there was limited channels and networks.  There was ABC, NBC, CBS, and two spanish networks that had cartoons like Massenger, Ultra ManHe Man, Gi Joe and several other popular shows all in Spanish.   I faithfully watched  a kids variety show with a very old Puerto Rican man named Pacheco, who looked like he smoked and drank every free moment he had, and sounded like it too.  In addition we had two channels that came in on UHF, and that's where I found USA Kung Fu Theater.   With the foil paper on the bunny ears on the wooden floor model tv angled just right, and a few good smacks to the side of the tv, I'd wedge myself between my siblings with a glass of overly sweet, red Kool Aid and Cheetos and absorb every move I planned recreate later with my cousins in the back yard.  These were some of the images in my early television viewing career that help shape my approach to movie and video production.  


Today, that enthusiasm for Kung Fu movies still exists, but I've put those kicks and punches to paper (screen) and now I create short movies and variety of video projects that give me the same thrill as landing the perfect flying jump kick.  Everything about my early days in the Virgin Islands and everything in between has helped shape my approach to life and my dedication to bringing the world that exists in my head to the screen.  I am attached to every word, every line, every story and every piece of equipment that I touch.  Now I live in the Washington, DC area and I can be found on any given day framing a shot.

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