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My good friend Matthew Hemmerlein was performing at the Sweet Life Festival in Dupont Circle in downtown DC.  There was so much going on and so much talent, I figured I'd shoot the fun.


My friends Seaton Smith and Matthew Hemmerlein hosted an event called The Family Hemmerlein at Gibson Guitar in downtown Washington, DC.  Even though they had done this many, many times, this was my first one.   I should have done this sooner.  This was the last one.


This was my attempt to get in on the food show phenomena.  I had an idea to cover the restaurants that cater to the dietary adventures of college students.  This was my very first episode.  Mike the owner of Jumbo Slice, welcomed me in with open arms.  I wish they were all this welcoming.


The brilliant women of Lunchbox Theory, organized an amazing show

that brought together talent from DC, NYC, Africa and Holland.  I was lucky enough to know someone, who knew someone, who is friends with these ladies that put this all together.


I hooked up with the wonderful people who are the driving force behind Think Local First DC, to cover several of their events throughout the city. This is the festival at the end of that week.  Tons of local businesses created and ran by some amazing individuals.  If you're in DC in the summer and you get a chance to attend any of these events, GO!


Looking for a cool bike to cruise around DC, MD, VA, America.  The DC Rider has what you're looking for (announcer voice).  My buddy Roger introduced me to this cool bike shop on the hottest new strip in DC, H Street.  I thought it had this neat old Americana/Eurocentric feel.


Comdian Tyler Greene at the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival.  All I have to say is, if you're shooting comedy, bring a tripod.  I was doubled over for most of the show.

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